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Don’t Bank on Kinect

18 Aug
18 August 2010

Shockingly, baby launch consumed more time than I anticipated, so myriad things are complaining about neglect.  One is a set of notes I’ve been carrying around since last year but was waiting for mid-June (hey, only two months ago) to finish.

June was on my mind because of E3 which, in turn, was on my mind because I honestly expected to see something there that would change my mind about Natal / Kinect.  From a distance, this product appears so obviously flawed that I imagined at least some people in positions of authority saw it too and had impressed upon all the need for something that would permit a “now shut up” type of E3 announcement.

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An Open Letter to Paul Bettner

16 Mar
16 March 2010


You and I worked together at Ensemble Studios for more than a decade.   I respect your right to your own opinion and your right to state it.  However,  I take issue with the manner you have decided to speak about your displeasure with “crunch culture” at the 2010 GDC. 

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The “Death” of PC Games

29 Nov
29 November 2009

I gave Dusty a hard time for his recent assertion that the death of PC gaming wasn’t due to MMOs but rather five years of shit games.  I probably should have beat him up for suggesting that there has been any “death” at all….

I’m not overly averse to reality and I can read NPD’s data as well as the next guy, so I’m not trying to suggest that the PC games market hasn’t been suffering based on that metric.

But that isn’t “death”.

Death is when something goes away and doesn’t come back.

Whale oil?  That’s a dead business.  You probably don’t want to go looking for VC for an 8 track cassette factory either.  Rotary phones?  Butter churns?  Traditional  retail stores for games?  Elvis, Elvis, and Elvis.  (Ha ha, just kidding about that last one, GameStop, everything is going to be fine.)

“Death” happens when the demand for a product shrinks, generally because something comes along and satisfies the need it served better (and / or cheaper).  Why don’t you ride a buggy to work anymore?  Because your horseless carriage has AC and it doesn’t eat the begonias when you park it out front.

So, if PC games are “dead” what is it that’s replacing them?

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