22 Oct

Memento Reviews


 My memory leads its own life. 


There are times when — for no apparent reason — I’ll have Rainman-level recall.  I’ll remember where we met, what you were wearing, what color your eyes are, that you had some lint on your shoulder, how many rings you wore, the things you actually said, what time it was, the logo on the hat of the guy passing behind you, whatever.


There are other times when I won’t remember your name despite the fact that we’ve shared an office for several years (sorry, Paul).  Or, as an insurance investigator discovered, times when I won’t be able to tell you how long I’ve been living in my house, when I purchased my stolen truck, when I was married, when I was divorced, what my ex-wife’s parent’s names are, how long I’ve been at my current job, the names of any of my neighbors, when I was discharged from the Navy, what my last address was, when I last went out of town, and so on.


It makes for an interesting life.


On the upside, I’ve discovered that the act of writing anything seems to move it from “volatile” to “somewhat less volatile” storage.  Old school paper and pen works best but a keyboard is close.  As a result, I’m a fairly obsessive note-taker (and packrat).     


To make things difficult, I read a lot and play innumerable games and watch dozens of movies and so on, so I have a lot of crap to remember.     


Like many people who read a lot, I have a love-hate relationship with revisiting books.  Yeah, I liked it enough to read it but the repeat performance is time I could have spent on something new.  To cut down on this, I started scribbling summaries to myself.  Since I leave little scraps of paper with this kind of cryptic scrawl all over the place, they became “memento notes” (after the movie). 


I figure there’s a fair chance that anyone reading insidevoice has similar interests, so this seems like a fine place to keep these.  If you qualify, you might get something out of them (also, grats on being awesome).


Remember that these are mostly my notes to myself.  I clean them up a bit but they’re unlikely to qualify as actual reviews and might make little sense to anyone who is not me.