“Even Xena and Callisto are in 3-D”

25 Nov
25 November 2009

In 1997, Ensemble had yet to release a game and we were not well known.  Despite this, we received a considerable amount of mail (both actual paper and email) from fans.  Most was “can I has job” but every now and then there was something special in the inbox.

I started to keep an “X File” shortly after I came across a couple of the more awesome ones and I’ve lugged it around ever since.  The crown jewels of this collection are a series of notes that we continued to receive for several years from a fan (?) who had very detailed suggestions for a game.

I got into a discussion about this yesterday and was trying to accurately communicate the glory of these letters.  I’ve scanned one in so it can speak for itself.

(Caveat: I do not have the sanity points to read this start to finish.  If there’s anything offensive in here, apologies in advance.)

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  1. mranderson says:

    Best Suggestion Email Ever.

    I remember the first time I saw that email, I was stunned then and am still stunned today. That is passion!

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